Common Sings You May Be Experiencing Hearing Loss

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Do you feel like you are struggling to hear people on a daily basis? Today we’re going to share with you the key signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss. If any of these signs apply to your hearing currently, make sure you get the assistance you need straight away from our team at East Tennessee Audiology.

Hearing But Not Understanding Conversations

This is one of the most common complaints we hear when meeting patients for the first time. They state that they are able to hear people, but they just don’t understand what they are saying. This is a clear sign that you are struggling to some extent with hearing loss, as you should be able to stay engaged with any conversation you are part of. We all want to chat with our loved ones, so make sure you get your hearing checked out if this is an issue for you.

It Sounds Like Everyone Is Mumbling

Mumbling is another common complaint we hear from someone who is struggling with their hearing. If it’s just one person who is mumbling, then maybe they are the issue. But when it’s everyone in your family mumbling, it’s time to get your hearing checked out. The first signs of hearing loss include distorted sound, and you will struggle to enjoy being around other people when you suffer from this for a long time.

Only Being Able to Hear People When They Are Looking at You

For people with hearing loss, lip reading can assist with understanding what someone is saying. If you are starting to notice that you can only hear people when they are looking straight at you, this is likely to be caused by an issue with your hearing. We can’t always converse with people face to face, so this will make telephone conversations or listening to the radio much more challenging. This can also become more dangerous in the future if you don’t hear noises around your home or when you are out in public, just because they aren’t coming from someone or something that is right by you.

Your TV Volume is Always Too High

Does your partner constantly complain you are deafening them with the television volume? While we all like to watch TV at a different volume, when you are always putting it far too high, that’s one of the most common signs of hearing loss. Our team frequently hears this from disgruntled husbands and wives, who force their partner to see our team after dealing with this for too long. You should be able to listen to the television or radio at a comfortable volume to avoid doing too much damage to you and your partner’s ears.

Withdrawal from Conversations

A sign that other people may notice in you is that you are starting to withdraw from conversations. When you can’t hear what someone else is saying properly, it starts to become too uncomfortable and awkward to keep asking them to repeat their question. Many people find they lose confidence in social settings when their hearing starts to go. They find themselves retreating into a corner and away from any conversation with family and friends. If you are someone who used to love socializing, you might find this particularly challenging, so we encourage you to seek the help you need as soon as possible.

You Don’t Hear Your Doorbell Ringing

Do you sometimes wonder how a package ended up on your doorstep without you hearing the doorbell? When you are hiding in your bedroom or spending time upstairs in your home, it can be more challenging to hear a doorbell if you are experiencing hearing loss. For your own safety, it’s so important that you can hear what’s going on in your home. You want to know if people are entering or exiting your home so that you remain secure at all times. While we all miss hearing the doorbell from time to time, you’ll want to ensure you receive assistance quickly when this is happening too regularly.

Depending on Someone Else to Help You Hear

If you’ve recently noticed that you rely on your partner or a family member to help you hear or talk, this might be because you are struggling to hear properly. We aren’t all able to have someone with us 24 hours a day, so it’s important to maintain your independence for as long as possible. When you start to rely on other people to talk and listen, you will find you can no longer perform simple activities alone. The sooner you can get your hearing checked out, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy the activities that are an essential part of your daily life. Hearing loss can happen at any stage in your life, so the quicker you speak to someone about it, the better.

What To Do If You Think You May Be Experiencing Hearing Loss 

Do you have one or more of the common signs of hearing loss that we shared above? If so, we encourage you to seek help as soon as possible. While hearing loss is a very common part of growing older, it’s so important that you rule out any possible medical conditions or severe damage to your hearing. There are so many modern solutions for anyone struggling with their hearing, and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution that’s right for you. The sooner you speak to our team at East Tennessee Audiology, the more likely you’ll be able to continue spending time with your loved ones. We know that it can be tough to admit you are struggling with your hearing, but we are here to support you during this journey and help you to look after your health.

Here at East Tennessee Audiology, we offer a free hearing evaluation for anyone experiencing hearing loss. Contact our friendly team today to book your appointment and to take back control of your life this year.

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Picture of a woman taking a hearing test

Common Sings You May Be Experiencing Hearing Loss

Do you feel like you are struggling to hear people on a daily basis? Today we’re going to share with you the key signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss.

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