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    Signia is one of our most popular hearing aid brands for a reason. As a leading hearing aid manufacturer, Signia offers some of the highest quality, most innovative hearing aids on the market with functionality for all hearing loss levels.

    The company frequently releases new features and technology to improve its hearing devices’ performance, and its Signia Xperience platform offers incredible advancements to optimize your user experience.

    Signia Xperience YourSound Technology

    Signia’s latest product line features innovative Signia Xperience YourSound technology, providing customers clearer sound, better audio options, and more enhanced automation than ever before.

    Signia Xperience devices include unique features such as:

    • Acoustic motion detection
    • Enhanced speech comprehension
    • Bluetooth streaming
    • AI-assisted technology
    • Brilliant, clear sound

    This technology enhances your hearing experience everywhere you go.

    signia hearing aids

    Portable Wireless Charging Case

    Signia hearing aids are rechargeable, and several models come with a portable, wireless Qi charging case for on-the-go charging.

    These small cases hold three full charges, allowing you to use your hearing aids for up to four days at a time without recharging your case. If your hearing device’s battery starts to run low while you’re out and about, you can pop it into the charging case for a few minutes rather than finding an outlet or pulling out a bulky charger.

    User-Friendly Signia App

    Gone are the days of having to adjust your hearing aids with a tiny button behind your ear. Signia customers have complete access to the user-friendly Signia app, on which they can adjust volume controls, sound balance, and device connection from their phones.

    The Signia app also lets you monitor your hearing aids’ battery, so you won’t be caught off guard when it’s time to recharge. You can even use the app to communicate with your hearing care professional.

    Mask Mode

    Masks have become a part of everyday life, but trying to understand a person wearing a mask can be challenging for individuals with hearing impairment. If you have trouble hearing speech through a mask, you can take advantage of Signia’s Mask Mode app feature.

    Activating Mask Mode in the Signia app automatically adjusts noise reduction, microphone beamforming, and sound impression to optimize the muffled audio coming from a mask wearer. Signia is currently the only hearing aid manufacturer to offer this innovative technology.

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