In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids

In the canal (ITC) hearing aid
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    ITCs are small-size, lightweight custom hearing aids that fit the wearer’s ear canal size and shape. Thanks to its size and location, an ITC device is more discreet than larger-style hearing aids.

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    ITC Hearing Aid Advantages

    ITC devices are comfortable and straightforward to use. The instrument’s placement in the outer ear makes it simple to adjust.

    While an ITC aid is slightly larger and more visible than IIC or CIC types, it has a longer hearing aid battery lifespan and additional features such as a directional microphone and volume controls for superior sound quality. An ITC performs better than smaller devices in loud environments with a lot of background noise.

    Thanks to the ITC aid’s position within the outer ear, not behind it, the device won’t become tangled or pulled away when wearing or removing face masks.

    Who Can Benefit from ITC Hearing Aids?

    ITC aids are an excellent fit for people who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss, but some ITC models can also accommodate severe hearing loss.

    However, an ITC hearing aid’s size limits its power and the number of features it provides. Handling and care may be challenging because of the device’s size. Clogged speakers due to a buildup of earwax may also frustrate users.

    Audiologists generally recommend this type of hearing aid for adults and older teens, not children.

    Is an ITC Hearing Aid the Right Fit for You?

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