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    Get a Free Hearing Aid Consultation

    A hearing evaluation is the first step toward better hearing. Our audiologists take the time to talk with patients, evaluate their condition, and establish a diagnosis. At East Tennessee Audiology, our four-step program will get you the hearing aids you need in no time with the help of our FREE Hearing Test.

    Step 1: The Interview

    Our hearing specialists want to get to know you. An interview lets our team learn about your experience and key on issues that need further attention. Questions we might ask include:

    After the interview, our specialists will walk you through the rest of the process. That way, you know what to expect from now until your new hearing aids arrive. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the hearing screening.

    Call us at (865) 271-9721 to schedule your hearing test appointment today.

    Step 2: The Evaluation

    The second part of the process involves a physical exam. Our team looks inside your ear to see if there are tangible reasons for your hearing loss. For instance, excessive earwax can explain complications in hearing health.

    We use otoscopes to help elucidate your hearing loss. The device allows us to see into the eardrum and the outer ear. The evaluation lets us determine whether you have a simple earache, severe hearing loss, or something in-between. 

    Step 3: The Hearing Test

    People don’t experience hearing loss in the same way. That’s why we take the time to fine-tune our treatment with hearing tests. Each test can reveal underlying causes, including earwax, infections, and ruptured eardrums.

    One of the things we test is speech discrimination. We measure how well someone understands what they hear at a comfortable volume. Lower ratings correlate with more severe hearing loss.

    The hearing screen also involves playing noises at different frequencies. The results let our specialists know what someone can and cannot hear. Detailed feedback makes it easier to find a hearing care solution that matches the patient’s needs, whether that’s a hearing aid or surgery.

    Step 4: The Treatment

    After the hearing screening, our specialists will discuss the results with you. Most people need a hearing aid, which uses amplification to improve hearing. These small devices are powerful and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

    While a new hearing aid might be the most popular treatment, it’s not the only one. Severe hearing loss may require surgery or implants. Surgeons can insert a device on the cochlear or middle ear that stimulates the region and amplifies sound. Other options include auditory brainstem implants and bone-anchored hearing aids.

    Different Types of Hearing Aids

    Schedule Your Free Audiologist Hearing Test Consultation Today!

    Schedule your free hearing consultation and receive much more than an exam. At East Tennessee Audiology, we help people in Lenoir City, TN, find effective and affordable hearing aids. Call us at (865) 271-9721 today.

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    Get A FREE Hearing Aid Consultation Today!

    Schedule your free hearing aid consultation today. A hearing professional is ready to assist you. Whether you received a referral to East Tennessee Audiology or did not like the results of an online hearing loss test, we will get you the hearing protection you need for decades to come.

    Give us a call at (865) 271-9721 or email at to schedule an appointment. You can also visit our office in Lenoir City, TN, to get started on the path to better hearing!