Mini Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Mini BTE with slim tube and tip hearing aid
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    Mini BTE hearing devices attach around the wearer’s outer ear, while a thin, flexible tube sits inside the ear canal. The earmold of BTE hearing aids is custom-made for a perfect fit to the wearer’s ear. The electronic piece, which processes and amplifies sound, is small-sized and lightweight. Mini BTEs work with a convenient rechargeable battery.

    Standard and power Mini BTE models are available to accommodate a wide range of hearing loss. Please contact a hearing professional at East Tennessee Audiologists in Lenoir City, TN, today for more information on how this type of hearing aid may help you.

    Mini BTE Hearing Aid Advantages

    A Mini BTE device is unobtrusive, discreet, and comfortable. This open-fit hearing aid doesn’t block airflow and gives the wearer a natural feel and superior sound experience. An audiologist can attach a Mini-BTE quickly and conveniently.

    Compared to receiver-in-canal hearing aid models, Mini BTE devices are less prone to earwax or moisture damage. While this type of hearing aid is sufficiently powerful for people with severe hearing loss, it is less visible than traditional BTE models.

    Who Can Benefit from Mini BTE Hearing Aids?

    Mini BTE devices can be a good choice both for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and individuals with profound hearing losses. Thanks to the excellent amplification and clarity of Mini BTEs, their users enjoy superb auditory enhancement even in environments with a lot of background noise.

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