Behind-the-Ear (BTE) With Earmold Hearing Aids

BTE with earmold hearing aid
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    BTE hearing aids with custom earmolds are among the most popular solutions for people who need auditory enhancement. The device sits behind the ear and transmits sounds to the wearer through a thin, discreet tube attached to a custom-fitted mold in the outer ear.

    BTE devices are highly versatile and available in a range of sizes and any earmold style.

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    BTE Hearing Aid Advantages

    Although a BTE is among the larger-size types of hearing aid, newer BTE models are smaller and more discreet than the conspicuous old-style devices. An audiologist can easily fit a BTE aid within minutes.

    Thanks to their larger size, BTE devices can house more electronic components and offer advanced features compared to smaller-style hearing aids. BTE aids are comfortable to wear, handle, and adjust. They operate with larger batteries than other devices and so can last longer before the batteries require switching out.

    Some BTE aid-wearers may experience problems with wind noise, but the more advanced BTE models do a great job at improving sound quality in windy environments.

    Who Can Benefit from BTE Hearing Aids?

    BTE hearing aids are suitable for all levels and types of hearing loss, including people with mild to moderate as well as more profound hearing loss. These wearers most commonly choose BTE devices thanks to their powerful sound enhancement, a wide range of functions and adjustments, and outstanding durability.

    BTE Hearing Aids and More Advanced Hearing Solutions

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