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East Tennessee Audiology provides state-of-the-art hearing assessments and instruments for Lenoir City residents and the surrounding area. Our hearing care doctors are experts in their field, delivering all types of hearing diagnoses, treatments, and monitoring. Our business specializes in personalized treatment services that match our clients’ needs and lifestyles.

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Our Hearing Aids Help You:

Our Services

If you are having difficulty hearing, especially in noisy situations, we are going to evaluate your hearing ability with the latest in hearing aid technology. We will perform thorough hearing consultations Free of Charge, and then give you options on how to improve your hearing!

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Hearing Aids

We give patients the resources and hearing aids they need to work, communicate, and socialize again. There are no one size fits all hearing aids. We will find the perfect match for you, and help you rediscover hearing again!

Hearing Aid Service in Lenoir City, TN

Hearing Aid Repair

For new patients that did not get their hearing aids from our clinic, we offer repairs for all major manufacturers for as little as $95. To schedule a time to drop off your device, call (865) 271-9721 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Free Hearing Consultation

Our audiologists work with you to find hearing aids that meet your needs. We start with a hearing test, where we play sounds at different pitches and volumes into your ears. The assessment lets us determine the extent of your hearing loss and remaining hearing capacity.

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"Hearing Aids Greatly Increase The Quality Of Your Life"

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"Hearing Aids Greatly Increase The Quality Of Your Life"

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"It's So Much More Pleasant To Hear"

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